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JESS ®, the Rule Engine for the JavaTM Platform

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Jess has many thousands of users worldwide; some of these uses have invariably found their way into print or onto the Web. This is a collection of random links to pages about or related to Jess, in no particular order. If you want to add a link, just drop me a line.


JadeJessProtege, an integration of Jess, the Jade agent framework, and Protege 2000.
DAMLJessKB, a description logic reasoner for DAML; the semantics of the language is implemented using Jess.
SWRLJessTab is an extension to Protege-OWL that supports the execution of rules defined in OWL's SWRL rule language using the Jess rule engine.
The Bond Distributed Object System supports Jess.
The JessTab plugin for Protege 2000.
Said Tabet's Jess/RuleML translator in XSLT
Todd Sunsted's agent framework.
Here's the SPECjvm benchmark suite itself.
Home page for the Jess mode for Emacs.
Bob Orchard's FuzzyJ toolkit which includes the FuzzyJess fuzzy logic extensions for Jess.
jesstaglib, a JSP tab library for working with Jess.
OWLJessKB, a description logic reasoner for the W3C's Ontology Web Language. The semantics of the language is implemented using Jess.
The JADE Java Agent Development Environment.
Jess syntax highlighting for a German-language HTML editor.
The MadKit multi-agent platform can use Jess in its agents.
XITE, the XML Intelligent Transform Engine, can use any JSR94-compliant rule engine (such as Jess) to transform XML documents.
An integration of Jess with the Cougaar Cognitive Agent Framework


A paper in Spanish about a project using Jess.
A student project on robots incorporating Jess.
A page in Spanish about Jess and "Javasoccer"
A master's project to write a legal expert system.
PowerPoint slides about a poker-playing program written with Jess
An expert system that solves cryptography problems
SweetJess: DAMLRuleML inferencing using Jess.
The Genie of the Net, an environment for ubiquitous servants.
A project that seeks to reincarnate author Philip K. Dick as an android. The "brain" is a system of Jess rules.


A article about Jess, based on a book excerpt.
An interview with Dr. Friedman-Hill about Jess, rule engines, and AI
James Owen's InfoWorld article on Jess and other rule engines.
Todd Sunsted wrote an article about using Jess in agents for JavaWorld magazine.
The SPECjvm Java benchmark suite includes a version of Jess; here's the announcement.
A conference paper Dr. Friedman-Hill gave at HICSS-34 on how Jess's documentation is generated and tested.
An article (originally published in Object Magazine) about using Jess on the Web
An article Dr. Friedman-Hill wrote on Jess and the JSR94 API.
An article about modeling rules with the Eclipse EMF framework; the examples use Jess
A paper on teaching agent programming using Jess
A paper about dTank, a simulated agent-based tank-battle program
Wikipedia article on Jess
A Sun technical article, "Getting Started With the Java Rule Engine API (JSR 94): Toward Rule-Based Applications", which shows how to run the JSR94 reference implementation
Press release about Lockheed Martin's use of Jess in DDG 1000 Destroyer systems


A quiz about Jess from Sun's web site.
The flyer for a Jess workshop held in Portugal in 2001.
A French-language forum on Jess
A French-language site dedicated to AI, with discussion forums, articles, etc.


A chapter from 'Jess in Action' featured at Sun's web site.
Code from Mark Watson's Java AI book (now out of print) is available here; there's a whole chapter on Jess.
Jess in Action, a book about Jess.


Ralph Grove's famous Reptile Identification Helper -- an expert system implemented as a servlet that incorporates Jess.
This page includes some cool demos.
This is an applet that uses Jess.
An expert system for loading railroad cars; an applet.
Diabetes Management Expert System


Here are some course materials from another AI class using Jess.
A Jess tutorial from a TAMU course on AI.
Jess slides from a UMN course on AI
Powerpoint slides entitled 'Rule-based systems in Java and their application'
A tutorial on integrating Jess with the JADE agent framework


A talk Dr. Friedman-Hill gave at NASA and at the UMBC CSEE Department
Excellent PowerPoint presentation introducing Jess.