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JESS ®, the Rule Engine for the JavaTM Platform

Jess Wiki: Using Jess With Java5

Some ideas for using Jess with Java 5 features.

I received a private email asking if Jess could work with Java 5 enumerated types. There's no specific code to deal with them, but I wondered if the existing "static import" feature would work. It turns out that it does. I wrote this Java enum class:

  public enum MyEnum {
    FOO, BAR, BAZ;

Then in Jess 7, I tried this:

  Jess> (import MyEnum)
  Jess> (MyEnum.FOO)
  Jess> (eq (MyEnum.FOO) (MyEnum.BAR))
  Jess> (eq (MyEnum.FOO) (MyEnum.FOO))
So importing an enum class EnumName will make the values available as the functions (EnumName.FOO), (EnumName.BAR), etc.

See BindEnumUserFunction for an alternative technique that maps enum constants to Jess variables. As this function also returns a list of all the enum constant objects, it can be used in the allowed-values clause of a slot entry in a deftemplate construct.

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