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JESS ®, the Rule Engine for the JavaTM Platform

Jess Wiki: Using Jess In Action With Jess Seven

This page describes some differences from the text that you'll see if you work through the exercises in JessInAction with Jess 7.

  • The term "external address" has been replaced everywhere by "java object". So, for example, on page 91 when you create a Dimmer Switch object, Jess 7 will print "<Java-Object: Dimmer Switch>" rather than "<External-Address: Dimmer Switch>".

  • There's a new mechanism for creating templates from Java classes. Although the old syntax still works, it's actually mapped to the new mechanism under the hood. Therefore, when you pretty-print a deftemplate that you create using "defclass" in the book, the displayed version will include the line "(declare (from-class Class Name))," although this doesn't appear in the book.

  • Jess 7 includes its own JSR-94 driver. The book explains how to use a pre-release version of the JSR-94 reference implementation, but you should use the new driver that comes with Jess instead. See the appropriate chapter of the Jess manual for details.

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