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JESS ®, the Rule Engine for the JavaTM Platform

Jess Wiki: Jess In Action Errata

The official errata list for JessInAction.

  • Page 6: "is not the same as Bob's position" should be "is not the same as Fred's position"

  • Page 35: "user.html" should be "user.shtml"

  • Page 42: The list of allowed punctuation in section 4.1.2 should include the hyphen, "-".

  • Page 55, fourth line from the bottom: "coordinate pairs, adds" should be "coordinate pairs, squares them, adds".

  • Page 82, second to last sentence before code: insert "can have" at end of sentence.

  • Page 90: "to which a given shadow fact." should be "to which a given shadow fact refers.".

  • Page 91, code at top of page: MAIN::simple should be MAIN::dimmer.

  • Page 99, listing 7.1: "change-baby-if-wet: +1+1+1+t" should be "MAIN::change-baby-if-wet: +1+1+1+t".

  • Page 111-112: Not exactly an error, but the rules on these two pages depend on a template like "(deftemplate auto (slot color))" being defined.

  • Page 117: The factorial of 5 is 120, not 125.

  • Page 130, section 7.7.1: "in this case, the variables declaration is optional." should be "in this case, the variables declaration is not used."

  • Page 168: In the second code section, "(is-of-type number abc)" should be "(is-of-type abc number)" and "(is-of-type number 123)" should be "(is-of-type 123 number)"

  • Page 197, section 12.5.1: In the first sentence, "when the user answers "no"" should be "when the user answers "yes"". Also in the same sentence, "the pattern (answer (ident sound) (text no))" should be "the pattern (answer (ident sound) (text yes))".

  • Page 212: On LHS of collect-user-input, the "(MAIN::question..." condition should include the 'valid' slot and variable.

  • Page 223: The period at the end of the first paragraph in section 14.1 is missing.

  • Page 228: The class is listing 14.2 should declare that it implements both the "Hardware" and "Runnable" interfaces.

  • Page 270, replace entire figure caption: "The fuzzy set graphs for the fuzzy terms cold, cool, OK, warm and hot."

  • Page 274, figure caption: "Probability chart" should be "The fuzzy set graphs".

  • Page 315, second to last line should read 'f.arg(new Value("a'', RU.ATOM));'

  • Page 316, 'arg("all")' should be 'arg(new Value("all", RU.ATOM))'

  • Page 344, third line from bottom of page: "clean-up-order" should be "initialize-order"

  • Page 387: "characters like & and >" should be "characters like & and <"

  • Page 387, fourth line from bottom: "two Integers/description>" should be "two Integers</description>"

  • Page 399: delete "like car in traditional Lisp."

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