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JESS ®, the Rule Engine for the JavaTM Platform

Jess Wiki: Data Acquisition

It is debatable whether the data acquisition step belongs before or after the KnowledgeEngineeringProcess?. After all, how can you acquire the data you need until you have a basic understanding of the business logic you’re trying to encode? You won’t have this understanding until the knowledge engineering step.

I put it first for one reason: domain experts need direction!

DomainExpert, by definition, possess a massive amount of knowledge about their area of expertise. If you ask experts during a knowledge engineering interview a question like "How does your business work?" or "How do I solve the problem you want me to solve?" they will:

  1. Not know where to start their explanation.
  2. Give you so much detail about the problem that you won’t know where to start solving it.

These types of open-ended questions are fine when you’re first trying to understand the problem you’ve been tasked to solve, but they should happen earlier during the ProblemDefinition stage. Once you have a basic understanding of the problem, get a few concrete examples of it and use those during the knowledge engineering process to drive the conversation towards specific rules.

Submitted by:
Union Pacific Railroad


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