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JESS ®, the Rule Engine for the JavaTM Platform

Jess Wiki: Acting Facts


Wolfgang Laun
Wolfgang Laun a-t thalesgroup com

Name: Acting Facts

Intent: Put part of a rule's action into a fact.


Systematic use of inline function definitions in a fact permits you have mappings of function codes to actions as a collection of facts. Matching a function code fires a generic rule that calls the function that is kept with the code.

Applicability: Parsers, automata.


Basic ingredients are facts and lambda expressions. The "inline" definition of actions as lambda expressions either requires Jess 71a2 or later or the Jess command extension lcall for calling a lambda expression (see AddingCommandsToJess).

Sample code:

;; Implements a simple interpreter for postfix expressions.
;; Operators of a class are handled by a generic rule. The
;; actual processing is stored in an operation definition fact.

;; Operator definitions
(deftemplate Operator
    "Defines the relation between an operator symbol and its function."
    (slot symbol   (type SYMBOL))
    (slot function (type ANY)))

(deftemplate UnaryOperator  extends Operator)
(deftemplate BinaryOperator extends Operator)

(deffacts bin-ops
    "Binary operator definitions"
    (BinaryOperator (symbol add) (function (lambda (?a ?b) (+ ?a ?b))))
    (BinaryOperator (symbol sub) (function (lambda (?a ?b) (- ?a ?b))))
    (BinaryOperator (symbol mul) (function (lambda (?a ?b) (* ?a ?b))))
    (BinaryOperator (symbol div) (function (lambda (?a ?b) (/ ?a ?b)))))

(deffacts un-ops
    "Unary operator definitions"
    (UnaryOperator (symbol neg) (function (lambda (?a) (-  0 ?a))))
    (UnaryOperator (symbol sqr) (function (lambda (?a) (* ?a ?a)))))


;; Processing input stream tokens
(deftemplate Token
    "A Token fact contains information about an input stream token."
    (slot text (type STRING))
    (slot pos  (type INTEGER)))

(defglobal ?*nToken* = 0)

(deffunction getToken ( ?route )
    (bind ?tok (read ?route))
    (if (eq ?tok EOF) then
        (return FALSE)
      (assert (Token (text ?tok) (pos (++ ?*nToken*))))
      (return TRUE)

;; Rule for binary operations
(defrule binary-op
    ?op   <- (Token (text ?op-text) (pos ?op-pos))
    ?func <- (BinaryOperator (symbol ?func-symbol & ?op-text) (function ?func-function))
    ?arg2 <- (Token (text ?arg2-text)
                    (pos ?arg2-pos &:(= ?arg2-pos (- ?op-pos 1))))
    ?arg1 <- (Token (text ?arg1-text)
                    (pos ?arg1-pos &:(= ?arg1-pos (- ?op-pos 2))))
    (retract ?op ?arg2 ?arg1)

    (assert (Token (text (call ?func-function ?arg1-text ?arg2-text ))
                   (pos ?arg1-pos)))
    (bind ?*nToken* ?arg1-pos)

;; Rule for unary operations
(defrule unary-op
    ?op   <- (Token (text ?op-text) (pos ?op-pos))
    ?func <- (UnaryOperator (symbol ?func-symbol & ?op-text) (function ?func-function))
    ?arg  <- (Token (text ?arg-text)
                    (pos ?arg-pos &:(= ?arg-pos (- ?op-pos 1))))
    (retract ?op ?arg)
    (assert (Token (text (call ?func-function ?arg-text ))
                   (pos ?arg-pos)))
    (bind ?*nToken* ?arg-pos)

(open "postfix1.dat" pfd r)
(while (eq (getToken pfd) TRUE)
(close pfd)

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