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JESS ®, the Rule Engine for the JavaTM Platform

User Contributions

The following items have been sent in by Jess users. For each item, the table below contains a brief description and a contact address. Please direct questions about this material to those contacts and not to me.

Send contributions for this page to me and I will try to include them in a timely manner.


swing.clp A Swing version of the frame.clp example
Jess Tag Library sample app Shows how to use the Jess Tag Library


FuzzyJ Toolkit Bob Orchard's fuzzy logic toolkit for Jess and Java, with docs
Fact Storage Provider Framework Provides persistent fact storage/retrieval, including automatic deftemplate generation, using JDBC-accessible databases, and introduces "transactionalUserfunctions" plus some other useful stuff ...
JavaMail functions Send mail from Jess using the JavaMail API
Jess Tag Library Easily use Jess from Java Server Pages wih these customized tags.


Emacs jess-mode Colorize Jess code, run a Jess process, and more
JessWin GUI interface A graphical integrated development environment for Jess
Ant build file An Ant build file for Jess 6
JessTab Protégé-2000 integration Helps you use Jess with the Protégé-2000 knowledge base editor
TextPad syntax file A Jess syntax definition file for the editor TextPad. This allows for coloration of keywords, operators, etc.
Jess mode for JEdit Lets you edit Jess code in JEdit
Jess mode for EditPlus Lets you edit Jess code in EditPlus
Pretty-mode for Emacs An Emacs minor mode that renders some tokens as special characters. For example, it renders <- and => as unicode arrows &#8592; and &#8658;, and uses standard logic symbols for "not", "or", and "and".